Call of Duty: Mobile Nailbiter event to reward free KRM-262 Wrap, Cosmic Wave Helicopter, and more

All these rewards are permanent.

Image via Activision

A new featured event called Nailbiter has started in Call of Duty: Mobile and will last till March 3. In this event, players need to complete various missions in Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode to earn free rewards, including free camo, wrap, weapon XP card, and more.

Players will need to earn points by completing the following tasks, and rewards will get automatically based unlocked on the number of points you have:

Image via Activision
  • Complete 5 consecutive kills in MP ranked matches 3 times: 10 points
  • Kill 5 enemies with headshots in MP ranked matches: 10 points
  • Open weapon supply boxes 5 times in Battle Royale classic mode: 10 points
  • Enter the top 15 in BR Isolated twice: 10 points
  • Survive in Battle Royale Isolated for 20 minutes: 10 points
  • Assist teammates 3 times in MP ranked matches: 20 points
  • Use scorestreaks 10 times in MP ranked matches: 20 points
  • Kill 10 enemies with Operator skill in MP ranked matches: 10 points
  • Play 3 MP ranked matches with friends: 20 points
  • Open 5 airdrops in Battle Royale: 10 points

Here is the list of rewards you will be getting after you progress in the event:

  • 60 Points: Weapon XP card (x10)
  • 80 Points: Credits (x300)
  • 90 Points: ORV – Cosmic Wave
  • 100 Points: KRM-262 – Warp
  • 120 Points: Helicopter – Cosmic Wave

You can access the event by going into the Season 1: New Order events section in the game and then moving to the featured tab.