Call of Duty: Modern Warfare quietly receives what could be its last DLC ever

Modern Warfare’s likely curtain call holds one last remastered MW1 map and two new originals.

Image via Activision

Earlier in the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dataminers discovered a handful of game files that detailed a potential Season Seven that included a variety of maps and weapons. Although developer Infinity Ward hasn’t promoted this supposed next season, it seems it has now stealthy released all contents found by these players — including a remastered map from an older installment.

Secretly packaged into the Season Two: Reloaded DLC drop, three new maps have surprisingly sprung up into the 2019 shooter. The locations include a revamped version of the original trilogy’s Killhouse, as well as Al-Raab Airbase and gunfight map Drainage.

Each of these locations were initially leaked by YouTuber TheGamingRevolution more than a month ago, who said the developer may have been gearing up for one last Modern Warfare season. However, as both Activision and Infinity Ward have been questionably mute since this release, many believe the DLC is a secret last gift to its dedicated players.

As for the other supposed Season Seven content, the game recently dropped the two long-rumored weapons, the CX-9 SMG and Skykov pistol. For those on next-gen consoles and PS4 Pro, Modern Warfare and Warzone have also quietly given players the option to download a patch that bolsters graphics in a 4K resolution.