Call of Duty: The Board Game Is Coming To Kickstarter In 2023

Now you can play Call of Duty on your dinning room table.

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Call of Duty is getting even more interesting with adding a new type of game to the franchise. Call of Duty is, traditionally, a first-person shooter that everyone has probably played or heard of at some point. It has been dominating the video game landscape for years and it looks like the publishers at Activision are going to branch out even further.

The franchise is always wanting to expand, as they have even wanted to bring the games to Nintendo Switch and not just on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. That said, when this new way to play Call of Duty was announced, it wasn’t what many fans expected.

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Call of Duty Is Getting A Tabletop Board Game

Today, Activision, Arcane Wonders, Genuine Entertainment, and Evolution all announced that the FPS is getting its very own board game, which came as a shock for many. This will be an intense tabletop roleplaying game that will be based on popular video games. So far, the game is set to a worldwide release in 2024, and people that want to pre-order it can start in fall 2023 from Kickstarter.

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Call of Duty: The Board Game will be a strategy-based game, which will let players take on the roles of elite soldiers, battling it out on maps that fans will remember from past games. This game will definitely be a new spin on things we’ve seen from the franchise before, bringing a new experience to fans. Hopefully, your local board game group will be a little less toxic than the virtual Call of Duty lobbies though.

Overall, this should be a neat experience as we get closer to the fall. If nothing else, we just want to see exactly how they’re going to turn Call of Duty into a board game.