Best places to drop in Call of Duty: Warzone

Start a Warzone match strong with an excellent drop location.


Screengrab via Activision

Knowing where you and your team should drop while playing a battle royale match is essential, and you need this information in¬†Call of Duty: Warzone.¬†You and your squad are facing off against 150 players on the map, and there’s plenty of possibilities for you to respawn into the game and cover one another. Because of the size of the map, it can feel a bit difficult to choose where you should go and what can be the best location to lead to victory.

There are several key locations all over the map in Warzone. The closer you land to these more prominent locations, the more likely you are to see enemy squads landing nearby. If you and your team are confident to take them on early, then feel free to land in the named locations. However, you might benefit from choosing to land outside of them, grab a few pieces of gear, and then storm those large sites.

The most notable locations you can choose to land include:

  • Boneyard
  • In the middle of Airport, Storage Town, and the Superstore
  • Top the northeast of the Airport
  • Dam
  • The Military Base
  • South of the Quarry
  • Between the TV Station and the Stadium
  • Downtown
  • Farmland

Of the locations, The Military Base, Dam, Downtown, and Boneyard are likely going to be the more intense locations, depending on your plane’s flight path. These are large areas with plenty of loot available. Because there’s so much there, a lot of teams will want to start here to make sure they can secure the most items and take down as many enemy squads as they can during the early stages.

For those wanting a little bit more time to gather up gear before going into a fight, the Farmland, northeast of the Airport, south of the Quarry, and between the TV Station and Stadium would work well. These locations can give you enough breathing room to grab weapons before a firefight happens. You can probably obtain some decent contracts near these locations for easy cash to assist you further, too.

Mostly, you need to pay attention to your plane’s flight path. If there’s a location with plenty of loot that’s far away from where the plane is going, you and your squad can coordinate to land close to it and grab a vehicle to head over there. The further away from the next circle a site is, the less likely you may find other squads. The answer for “best” drop location varies, but having a few popular areas ensures you and your team always have choices available to you.