Classic Spyro the Dragon soundtrack coming to Spotify in April

Let’s hope this isn’t the album art, though.

Image via Activision

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The Spyro series is known for many things, but those who played the original games on PlayStation know that the soundtrack really is something special. Now they’ll get a chance to listen to it again, thanks to Spotify.

The go-to music streaming app will be adding the game’s “original soundtrack” on Friday, April 1. Yes, that is April Fools Day, but this news comes straight from The Police drummer and Spyro composer Stewart Copeland on Twitter. The wording of the tweet is a bit vague, as “original soundtrack” doesn’t specify which games are getting the Spotify treatment.

Checking responses to Copeland’s Tweet, fans are hoping to see tracks from at least the first three games — one of the best video game trilogies of all time. The tweet was also accompanied by a piece of art that looks quite off-model for Spyro, so hopefully, that’s not the actual album art used on Spotify.

Spyro the Dragon was in the gaming community’s collective mind at the start of the year, too. The IP is owned by Activision Blizzard, and when Xbox announced its near-$70 billion acquisition of the company, many game properties came into question. You might be wondering if Spyro will become an Xbox exclusive as a result. There is no concrete answer to that at this time, but Call of Duty games remaining on PlayStation could imply the same for Spyro the Dragon.