Phil Spencer assures fans in tweet Call of Duty will remain available on PlayStation

Call of Duty might not become an Xbox exclusive after all.

Image via Microsoft

Following the surprise purchase by Microsoft to add Activision and Blizzard to the Xbox family, many fans have been wondering which franchises and series will become Xbox exclusives. Phil Spencer, the head executive of Microsoft’s Gaming division, recently tweeted out that PlayStation fans can rest easy and assure them the Call of Duty franchise will still be available on PlayStation consoles.

The tweet describes how Spencer has had some positive discussions with the leaders of Sony. Xbox plans to honor all existing agreements upon acquiring Activision and Blizzard, with the company’s desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation.

While Spencer did not go into thorough details about this means, it looks like Call of Duty won’t only be available on Xbox or PC through the Xbox application. PlayStation fans can likely expect to pick up Activision’s latest Call of Duty games on their preferred platform of choice.

These details shared by Spencer could potentially mean other franchises owned by Activision and Blizzard will also remain available on multiple platforms.

Though Call of Duty might still be available on PlayStation, Xbox fans can speculate they’ll likely have the chance to play it through an Xbox Game Pass subscription if they have one. A similar program will probably not happen on PlayStation consoles, but keeping the first-person franchise on multiple platforms is a big win for fans in the long run.