ConcernedApe confirms there will be relationships in Haunted Chocolatier

The Stardew Valley developer gives a little insight into how his next game is coming along.

Image via ConcernedApe

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Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, revealed in October that he was working on a brand new game: Haunted Chocolatier. The Stardew Valley developer hasn’t shared a huge number of details about the new title since then, sharing on a development blog post that he “just like[d] working in secret.” However, in a recent interview with VGKAMI’s Zhao Yu he provided a few updates about how the game was progressing.

One detail that is sure to hearten fans of Stardew Valley’s colorful cast of characters was Barone’s unequivocal statement that “Yes, there will be relationships like in Stardew Valley.” One of the great joys of Stardew Valley for many players was the ability to foster friendships and relationships with the many and varied NPCs of Pelican Town, so the revelation that similar systems will be in play in Haunted Chocolatier will no doubt be a relief. Barone was quick to add, though, that he “expect[s] to approach some things differently this time around.”

Yu also questioned the developer about the more in-depth combat and action-RPG elements that he was planning on incorporating into Haunted Chocolatier. Barone explained that he wanted not only to “capture the classic essence” of 2D action RPGs but also to go beyond that “in some fun and meaningful ways.”