Stardew Valley Dev shares combat details of new game Haunted Chocolatier

Gamers will have the option to fight in a variety of potential playstyles.

Image via ConcernedApe

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ConcernedApe went into more details about how the combat will work for his upcoming game Haunted Chocolatier. According to Ape, the Haunted Chocolatier’s will be more combat focus than his previous game, Stardew Valley, and it will play much differently as well.

Ape shared a video of the Haunted Chocolatier, showing that the player avatar will be able to block enemy attacks with a shield. Successfully blocking an enemy will stun them, allowing players to attack them much faster.

Ape goes over how the shield mechanic will reward cautious and patient players who wait to strike. But he also goes over how that won’t be the only way to play the game. There will be other items besides a shield that will go well with different kinds of playstyles. Players can even attack more aggressively, swinging their weapons without much of a defense. A more aggressive playstyle can help players defeat foes much faster.

Ape writes that he is keeping information close to his chest, which is how he usually did things during Stardew’s development. He wants players to discover things on their own, and that the game will release when he is “personally satisfied that it’s very fun and compelling, in every aspect.” If it never gets to that point, then he won’t release it, but he is confident that it’ll get there.