Crash Team Rumble gets new gameplay details, including crossplay and battle pass

Lets get ready to rumble.

Image via Activision

Crash and friends will be getting ready to rumble this June in the newest game in the Crash Bandicoot universe, Crash Team Rumble, which has just released brand-new details on what players can expect from the game. The game will include crossplay from day one, and unlike other Crash Bandicoot games, this entry will be a multiplayer-only game and aims to retain the core experience of platforming and Wumpa grabbing while adding a competitive multiplayer flavor to the experience. While that may sound offputting to some diehard fans, the newest details paint a good picture of what players can expect, and it sounds pretty good so far.

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The game has two teams of four competing to collect the most amount of Wumpa fruit they can in short, quick-fire rounds of between 4-5 minutes. To do this, players will be smashing crates, banking their points, and hindering their opponents with attacks and abilities. To add more layers to its gameplay, Crash Team Rumble will feature several quirks, such as Relic stations, described as “map-changing events activated by collecting Relics.” These can provide items like beach balls or cause events that can drastically alter the map and direction of the match.

Additionally, characters will be separated into three different roles that are geared toward specific playstyles and tasks in a match; Scorers, who excel at getting Wumpa Fruit and banking it quickly; Blockers, who defend their team’s bank and fight off the other team and hinder their progress; and the Booster, whose main job is to gather Relics and other items on the map to help their team.

As you might expect, a game like this will take on a live service model. It will feature Battle Passes and other cosmetic microtransactions, which would make more sense if the game was a free-to-play title. Instead, it will cost $29.99 with a Deluxe Edition available for $39.99 that includes the first two Battle Passes and some other cosmetics.

Whether it’s worth the price is yet to be seen, but those interested in finding out will get a chance if they preorder the game and gain access to an upcoming beta, which will take place from April 20 to 24, with the game currently set to release on June 20 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.