GTA Online: What is the PC Money Glitch

GTA Online players had discovered many ways to manipulate the game, but the Money Glitch is one to be used at your own risk.

Image via Rockstar

Anyone who has played GTA for any amount of time has come to learn just how much money it takes to do anything. Currency in GTA Online has always been a bit wonky because most quests don’t give out much, but you need tons of money to do the missions that end up making you the most bank. There are ways around this like the money glitch, but it is risky.

What is the PC Money Glitch in GTA?

GTA money glitch, Grand Theft Auto
Screenshot by Gamepur

The money glitch in GTA is exactly what it sounds like; a glitch that either makes players a bunch of money quickly or that makes money not an object. Please note that performing these glitches might lead to your Rockstar account being banned. If you plan to do them, you’re doing so at your own risk. For Xbox and PlayStation players, there are ways to glitch the game into letting them buy items without using any of their money. The same goes for PC players, though they’ll need to use different techniques.

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After following a very difficult list of steps — like resetting spawn to the player’s garage, changing clothes, purchasing a car, disconnecting from the internet, becoming a bird, and other dramatic actions— GTA Online players discovered they were able to purchase any item in online mode without actually spending any in-game currency. In some ways, it’s incredible that anyone figured out how to do this at all.

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Will GTA ban you for using hacks & glitches?

Performing glitches like these are dangerous to the safety of the player’s GTA Online Rockstar account, which could lead to them being banned from the game and losing their account. The same goes for GTA mods. Rockstar doesn’t support it either. Again, if someone chooses to perform the GTA Online money glitch, they are choosing to do it at their own risk.