GTA Online: How To Make Money Selling Cars In GTA 5

GTA V players need money if they want to build out their empires. Selling cars can be a quick way to grind funds.


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Money in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online is a must-have, it doesn’t matter what a player is doing. Need a car because the other got blown up? Well, gotta pay the mechanic to deliver it. Additionally, the game requires a lot of in-game money for bills and just enjoying the game overall. Thankfully, there are a few good ways to rake in piles of cash while playing. Besides doing Heists and other missions in the game, selling cars is also a good way to go. Here’s how to sell a car in GTA 5 Online.

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How To Sell Cars In GTA 5 Online

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Starting a side hustle of selling cars in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty easy to do. First, players will need a car. This car doesn’t have to be a personal vehicle the player intends to keep. Instead, it could just be one off the side of the road that was stolen. Please note, a car that belongs to another player cannot be sold. After players get the car they want to sell, drive the vehicle to Los Santos Customs, those are the little tool icons on the map. When the car is pulled up into the stall, a menu will pop up and players can move down until the sell option is selected.

Los Santos Customs will give GTA V players a price on their car for how much it is worth – however if the car is damaged, it will be worth less. Make sure to bring the car in with little to no bullet holes if possible. Vehicles with more modifications will be worth more money, and sports or muscle cars will also be worth more than others.

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Unfortunately, most cars won’t sell for a lot of money, and if the cars are of a specific high-end quality they won’t qualify to be sold at Los Santos Customs. These high-value cars can instead be sold at the dock to Simeon Yeterian during certain times of the day. Despite the work that goes into selling cars in GTA V, it is definitely a viable option for building up money while playing.