D.Va is blowing up the competition in Overwatch 2 with her Ultimate hitting enemies behind walls

We’re begging Blizzard to nerf this.

Image via Blizzard

Out of all the heroes in Overwatch 2, D.Va is usually the one who sees the most game-breaking issues. Her ability to essentially be two characters in one means that pretty much every time there are even the smallest updates to the game, something can break in her code. That seems to be the case lately with her Ultimate, Self-Destruct, which is currently hitting enemies behind walls.

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While we can not speak to how widespread this issue is at the moment, we have seen multiple videos posted on the Overwatch Reddit showing a hero “safely” taking cover from D.Va’s Ultimate, only for them to be blown away. In the instance below, Torbjorn is on a different level, behind a wall from the explosion, and feels its effects. We’ve also seen a Mercy crouch behind the barrier at the beginning of the final point on King’s Row and meet the same fate.

This is a sh*tshow imma go download Fortnite
by u/Mr_Watermelo in Overwatch

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time D.Va has had a notable bug, and unfortunately, she’s not the first character since Overwatch 2’s launch to see unintended glitches help her. Bastion was able to overuse his Ultimate at one point, leading to him being removed from the game temporarily. Mei has also seen a little timeout at one point. As of this writing, there is no announcement if Blizzard will be removing D.Va for the foreseeable future.

Without having any game development experience in our background, we can only speculate that something in the recent changes to the game has had the added effect of letting D.Va’s mech explosion ignore the geometry around it in particular situations. It doesn’t seem to always work this way, but it seems like, at the moment, your best bet is to get behind a shield or run as far away from her Ultimate as possible.