Aaron Keller says Overwatch 2 matchmaking will improve, while Wrecking Ball dominates the competition

Roadhog struggles while matchmaking succeeds.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Aaron Keller has recently pulled back the curtain on how Blizzard has been viewing the success of Season 3 in Overwatch 2 since its launch this month. Player feedback has pointed out that balance is in a much better spot currently, and matchmaking pairings and queue times are improving across the board. Keller breaks down these successes even further during the blog, while also pointing out that the team is watching heroes such as Wrecking Ball quite closely for now.

The goal of Season 3’s major changes was to address the horrendously frustrating matchmaking concerns that fans have been begging to be fixed. Keller clarifies that the alterations made behind the scenes place more emphasis on pairing players of similar MMR from the same role between teams instead of between the teams as a whole. Overall, each team is now getting more equally skilled players placed together.

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This adjustment has seen queue times lessen in higher ranks as match quality rises. Keller does admit that queue times are now an issue in Unranked play, and the team has recently made changes to help improve this. They also plan to study issues of large win/loss streaks and make additional corrections to help prevent players from vastly different skill levels from getting paired together.

On the issue of hero balance, the developers have no plans to push any changes until the midseason patch after monitoring for any outlying performance issues. Support heroes are seeing closer win rates between each other, including Brigitte and Zenyatta.

Wrecking Ball is a hamster of interest, as he is starting to dominate the higher ranks, but is still less of a concern the lower you go in the tiers. Roadhog is struggling a bit amongst the tanks after his recent nerf and Cassidy is by far the highest-picked DPS character, though win rates for most of the others are falling in line.

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All in all, Keller paints a positive picture of the changes made to Season 3, and the developers are always listening to feedback to further improve Overwatch 2 for the midseason patch in the coming months.