Dead by Daylight Anniversary Content allegedly leaks – New killer, survivor, and more

Hello darkness, our old friend.

Image by Behaviour Interactive

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Spooky times are upon us, it seems. Dead by Daylight, the 4v1 survival horror game from Behaviour Interactive, is fast approaching its sixth anniversary. The developer has planned a live stream for May 17 where they will showcase all new content for the game, but, as often happens with big announcements like this, much of what they had planned to announce appears to have leaked early.

Dead by Daylight Anniversary content allegedly leaks

Posted to the Dead by Daylight subreddit, the leak appears to contain pictures of the new survivor, an Indian psychic investigator named Haddie Kaur, as well as details for a new killer named The Dredge. New perks and abilities for both characters were also revealed as part of the leak.

According to the leak, The Dredge has the ability to teleport to lockers that survivors might be hiding in and can activate a Nightfall ability that shrouds the survivors in total darkness, which sounds positively terrifying.

Kaur’s perks can boost the blindness effect and allow them to view scratch marks made by other survivors.

As with any leak, they should be taken with a grain of salt. For every one that turns out to be true, several turn out to be the work of mischievous fans. While Behaviour Interactive hasn’t come out yet to confirm or deny the validity of the screenshots in question, they look legit enough that they are either real or excellent fakes. Players will have to wait until May 17 for the official announcement to find out the truth.