Dead by Daylight Announces Alien Collaboration

The Dead by Daylight team announce an upcoming Alien collaboration will be making its way over to the deadly hide-and-seek game.

Dead by Daylight continues to add more horror icons to its growing ranks, and today marks another historic moment for the deadly game of hide-and-seek by adding Alien as a future collaboration. From what we can tell, the teaser could add the Xenomorph, but we don’t have too many details.

The development team, Behaviour Interactive, shared the announcement as they showed off an extremely short trailer with the Alien title card being shared on the team’s YouTube and Twitter pages. There was a brief attack by the Xenomorph, but that’s all we saw.

Dead by Daylight Reveals Alien Crossover Coming to Future Update

The latest teaser trailer was revealed on the official Dead by Daylight Twitter page, and the video is available on the team’s YouTube channel. We don’t have too many details about this upcoming update, but we do briefly see a Xenomorph leaping at the screen close to the end of the video, potentially hinting at the arrival of this terrifying creature.

The teaser trailer is extremely short, but the Dead by Daylight team promises that we’ll be learning more about this upcoming collaboration on August 08, 2023. Hopefully, we’ll see how large this collaboration is going to be. We don’t know what will be in this update. Given the focus of the Xenomorph, we’d like to think this will be a featured Killer, but it could be a skin collaboration or some other tie-in featuring this series. We don’t have too many details from the Behaviour Interactive team and cannot confirm anything.

Fans were ecstatic to see the arrival of this iconic horror story coming over to Dead by Daylight. Fans are thrilled to see something is happening, but we won’t know more until the Behaviour Interactive team shares those details.

Following Dead by Daylight’s huge success by adding Nicolas Cage as a survivor, fans are eager to see what will be in store for this Alien crossover. We can hope to see more of the Xenomorph, and we’re curious how the current cast of Survivors will be able to defend themselves from this unstoppable force.