Dead by Daylight Embraces Sci-Fi Horror with Chapter Update, End Transmission

End Transmission adds a science-fiction horror twist to Dead by Daylight, adding the Singularity and Gabriel Soma.

Image via Behavior Interactive

The next chapter coming to Dead by Daylight has a unique theme compared to the previous entries created by the horror-centric development team at Behaviour Interactive. In the new content, the team finds horror in the future, with a killer AI that takes its programming too far and begins to go after the crew it was designed to help. This AI abomination is known as the Singularity.

The lone survivor of the crew is Gabriel Soma. Both Gabriel and the Singularity are being pulled into the fog, with the Singularity eager to hunt after Survivors to appease the entity, and Gabriel only wanting to survive and make it back home. These two join Dead by Daylight in Chapter 29, End Transmission.

End Transmission Adds Killer The Singularity and Survivor Gabriel Soma

The information comes directly from Behavior Interactive from their 7th Anniversary stream, celebrating seven years of Dead by Daylight and sharing it with the community. We caught a brief trailer of The Singularity’s egg-like power in effect, attaching itself to Gabriel as he desperately attempts to fix a generator.

The team has also confirmed that End Transmission will arrive on June 13, 2023, and will go on sale for every player. The pack will contain The Singularity and Gabriel, and players can use them on the first day.

Unfortunately, following the conclusion of the 7th Anniversary stream, these two will not be making an appearance on Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Servers as initially planned. Due to the massive leaks that happened surrounding Behaviour Interactive’s 7th Anniversary stream, the team decided to host their Anniversary today rather than on May 23, 2023.

On top of the End Transmission, we can expect to see Slipknot and Iron Maiden-themed collections making their way to the game. So far, these have only been confirmed, and we cannot go into too many details about this, but we do know it’s happening, and we’re keen to see what Survivors and Killers are chosen as highlights for this collection.

We’re looking forward to trying out Gabriel and Singularity and seeing how they mix things up as they propel into the fog of Dead by Daylight.