Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread new chapter announced

Beware The Dredge.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

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Dead by Daylight will receive a new chapter, Roots of Dread, on June 7. Behaviour Interactive announced the new chapter in a stream celebrating the game’s sixth anniversary, where the developer unveiled a cinematic trailer showcasing the chapter’s characters, as well as its setting.

The trailer depicted the chapter’s new survivor, Haddie Kaur, who was previously mentioned in some of the game’s Tome entries, exploring a large, seemingly abandoned house. As the character looks around, the chapter’s killer, a horrifying creature known as “The Dredge” that Behaviour describes as “the manifestation of darkness itself,” sneaks up on Haddie to catch her by surprise.

The new chapter is slated to launch on June 7. In addition to both a new survivor and killer, Roots of Dread will also include a new map dubbed “Garden of Joy.”

This official announcement follows a leak on May 7 that effectively revealed the killer, survivor, and release date for Roots of Dread days ahead of the chapter’s unveiling. A day later, it was also alleged that the game would receive another Resident Evil collaboration, which Behaviour also confirmed today by announcing Dead by Daylight: Project W during the stream.

The Dead by Daylight sixth anniversary stream had quite a few surprises in store. In addition to a new chapter, Behaviour also unveiled a crossover with the anime series Attack on Titan. The developer was pretty tight-lipped when it came to what the collaboration would entail, but did state that the crossover would feature a whopping 10 skins based on the popular anime series.

Additionally, the developer also stated during the stream that going forward, it would make some changes to nearly 40 perks, add bot support for its custom modes, make various quality-of-life enhancements, and also implement a new progression system to “massively [reduce] the grind.”