Dead by Daylight streamer shows off incredible Skull Merchant cosplay ahead of the Killer’s arrival in-game

Her drones are watching.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

A Dead by Daylight streamer and cosplayer has posted possibly the best cosplay of the game’s upcoming Killer, The Skull Merchant. The new Chapter, Tools of Torment, arrives March 7, but the pictures that have been shared make it feel like the Killer is hunting us right now.

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The streamer and cosplayer, responsible for this stunning costume and the pictures that make it look like The Skull Merchant is already stalking her Hunting Grounds, is Vizzey. She’s managed to get all the tiny details right, from the finish of the Killer’s mask, her drone monitor, the huge mechanical arm with claws at the end, and, of course, her powerful custom metal nails.

The Skull Merchant is the latest Killer coming to Dead by Daylight tomorrow. She attacks with her massive elongated claws, which many people have compared to the Predator‘s, and tracks Survivors around the map using drones. Some fans are skeptical about how useful this Killer will be, but the community’s reaction to her has been positive overall. There’s a worry that the drones she uses won’t be powerful enough to catch Survivors as they move around the map or that they will be too easy to disable. There’s still time yet for Behaviour Interactive to improve upon them, though.

A nice touch with this cosplay, not that you can see it in the initial photos, is that the drone monitor is a picture of one of the Twitch shirt cosmetics for in-game Survivor Felix. These items are coveted by Dead by Daylight players because you can only be directly gifted them by members of the Behaviour Interactive development team that watch your stream.

The Dead by Daylight community’s response to this cosplay has been resoundingly positive. It’s impressive that something so detailed can be made before the Killer in question is even available. With that said, The Skull Merchant has been part of Dead by Daylights PTB for a couple of weeks now, so most of the PC player base has had experience with her ready for this week’s release and has a decent knowledge of her outfits.