Dead by Daylight’s Garden of Joy Map Rework Sparks Anticipation Among Players

Dead by Daylight players have been desperate for Garden of Joy to get a rework, and now we know it’s the next map to get some attention.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Garden of Joy is a map in Dead by Daylight that was added with one of the game’s best Chapters, Roots of Dread. It joined the title alongside Haddie Kuar, a beloved Survivor even when they were just lore text, and The Dredge, one of the most terrifying Killers in the game.

However, Garden of Joy has been sadly neglected since its release. Developer Behaviour Interactive has been slowly reworking many of the game’s other maps, but this one has flown under the radar. That is, until now.

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Fans Thrilled Garden of Joy Will be the Next Map to Get a Rework

Today, a single reply from the official Dead by Daylight account on Twitter sparked excitement and anticipation among the community. The reply in question tells fans that the next map to be reworked in the game will be Garden of Joy.

Fans in the replies can be divided into two categories: those who love the idea because they’re sick of being given the runaround as a Killer, and those who want this map to remain the same so they stand a chance as a Survivor. “Survivors just can’t have anything, can they?”

For the most part, though, the community is excited about the upcoming rework. Over on the Dead by Daylight Subreddit, fans are having a blast predicting insane reworks that would make the map the most Killer-friendly in the game. “Ideal Garden change notes: The main building is now f***ing deleted, and Collisions aren’t s**t anymore.”

The main problem with the Garden of Joy map post-Alien Chapter is that it’s still overpowered for Survivors. “I wouldn’t mind the main house if they made it smaller, removed that goddamn pallet and several other windows, there’s way too many, and most of them are super strong.”

There are simply so many pallets placed in such awkward ways for Killers that giving chase is impossible. When we’re subjected to this map, we give up on survivors as soon as they enter the house and instead patrol the generators, hoping for an easy kill. The only Killer that’s viable is The Dredge, which makes sense, but not everyone has that Killer to fall back on.

The update that addresses Garden of Joy will likely come after Behaviour Interactive has made all the changes from the Developer Update for September 2023. We’d expect to see them alongside a mid-chapter update for the Alien Chapter or the next Chapter that comes to the game.