Death Stranding gameplay video shows PC exclusive photo mode

The feature is not coming to PS4, it seems.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has shown his Twitter followers one of the PC-exclusive features coming to Death Stranding.

The photo mode has been displayed with a short video, with Kojima Productions taking screenshots from the game and applying filters on the fly.

The mode, which looks somewhat similar to Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s as the title is using the same Decima engine, allows users to do what they’d expect: snap pictures from any moment throughout the game and edit them via a quick and straightforward tool.

Kojima said he and his staff are in love with this feature, and that the video was built using some of their creations when crafting the photo mode.

We’re told the mode is a PC exclusive currently, even though taking pictures from games has been a wildly popular feature on current-gen consoles.

PS4 is being ruled out for the moment, and we don’t know whether this is just a way to offer a plus to PC users buying Death Stranding on Jun. 2, 2020, or something dictated by console hardware limitations.

The Japanese game designer and director also showed the ultra-wide support that is being offered on PC, and all the advantages it carries over the platform.

The game is also coming to PC with higher frame rates support, compared to PS4’s 30fps, and content celebrating the Half-Life franchise.

Despite the good news, the action-adventure title from Kojima Productions has not been included in the GOTY nominees at the incoming BAFTA Games.