Deck13 announce Atlas Fallen delay, will now release in August

A small delay for some extra polish.

Image via Focus Entertainment.

Just a few weeks after revealing its May 16 release date, the highly anticipated action RPG Atlas Fallen has been delayed and will now be released on August 10 this year. Developers Deck13 announced the delay via Twitter and explained their reasoning for the delay is to polish and refine the game and give themselves the extra time to “deliver the best possible version of Atlas Fallen.”

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In the same tweet, the developer mentioned their recent trip to PAX EAST and the positive reception the game received and thanked fans for their enthusiasm and excitement. They also informed players that the delay would allow them to include a German voiceover option and that they would share updates in early summer, including some new gameplay footage and a look at the drop-in co-op, a feature many are happy to see included in Atlas Fallen.

For those unfamiliar with Atlas Fallen, it’s an upcoming action RPG developed by Deck13, whose previous titles include the Soulslike series The Surge. From what’s been shown so far, the game is a departure from the developer’s other work. The game takes place in a vast and unique desert-like world you can explore and discover; you will battle against monsters of various sizes and styles in fast-paced, hack n’ slash-style combat, complete with special abilities and different weapons. Given it’s an RPG, we can expect loot, levels, and progression that lets you customize your playstyle. You can also surf on the sand, which, if nothing else, looks ridiculously cool.

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While fans will be disappointed, the delay will hopefully make the game better with the extra time they have and will likely help avoid crunch and put the developer’s health first. For now, we will have to wait a little longer to see some more gameplay and get our hands on the game. Atlas Fallen will release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.