Deep Rock Galactic officially adds modding support

Someone give Bosco a beard.

Deep Rock Galactic

Image by Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic players got some good news on Sept. 14 when developer Ghost Ship Games announced that modding support has arrived in the game. Community mods are one of the best ways to keep a live service multiplayer game alive and growing, and Deep Rock Galactic was always been a prime candidate for mod support. The game’s completely destructible environments, procedurally generated missions, and engaging co-op mechanics form a strong base for a massive variety of mods and custom content, and we are sure the game’s community will deliver.

Deep Rock Galactic players can view and install mods from the game’s official page on, a third-party hosting platform that the studio has deemed optimal for the task. The page is already full of player-created mods, including alternative music packs, cosmetic packs, custom weapons, Minecraft helmets, and other relatively tame stuff. There are also already multiple mods you can install to drastically increase mission difficulty if you’re into that sort of thing.

Once installed, mods can be accessed through the Modding menu in the game’s client. Before joining custom lobbies, players will be able to see whether the host is running mods or not. For a better idea of how to install and run mods in Deep Rock Galactic, you can check out the official modding support announcement post on Steam.