Best classes in Deep Rock Galactic

All 4 unique classes in Deep Rock Galactic.

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Welcome, new Miners — Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter featuring space Dwarves. The objective is to work together with your team to dig, explore, and battle endless hordes of alien space monsters to advance through the levels. Each of the four classes serves a unique function to one another, so picking the best class is entirely dependent on the situation at hand, along with your preference of playstyle. Here’s what each of them is all about.


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Possesses the ability to handle swarms of enemies nicely and the freedom to explore the map without any restraints, piercing through the ground with ease. Additionally, the Driller is fantastic to have alongside you in combat, as he can drill towards downed teammates to revive them in a pinch — a must-have role for any crew.


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A true strategist class, the Engineer excels in operating and managing turrets, placing platforms and defensive structures, plus using bug repellant for utility purposes. The Engineer is truly versatile, adjusting to the nature of each situation and mission.


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The highest DPS class, the Gunners Minigun is ideal for single target encounters, the Autocannon is excellent for crowd control, and his Shield is helpful for reviving downed teammates. Additionally, the Gunner utilizes his Zipline to traverse through the various terrain. The Gunner is best characterized as the point and shoot class, a true killing machine.


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The most mobile class, the Scout excels at being everywhere at once. Exploring is a breeze as the Scout, because if you find yourself separated from the group, a swift grapple lands you back alongside them. The Scout reaches places that no other class can, spots threats far up ahead from the pack, and speeds up the overall gameplay.