A Destiny 2 750 Glitch Is Allowing Players To Hit The Power Cap Already

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Calus appears to have brought too many riches to one player in Destiny 2. It seems an old glitch has returned with the new Season, as someone has discovered that you can glitch your Gambit Infamy rank, allowing for infinite resets. This glitch means loot, and loot means Power. They created a video of the glitch in action, which you can see below.

It isn’t currently known if other people are affected by the glitch, or even how exactly the player themselves was affected. A standout bit of information we can see in the video is that the players Infamy Rank are already at 15,000, even though it should have reset at the start of the new Season. Also, based on the cursor on the screen, it appears to have occurred on the console, though we have no way of knowing if the glitch is platform specific.

It is probably safe to say that if your Gambit Infamy Rank got reset, then you won’t be affected by the glitch. People who are looking to try and replicate it should also keep in mind that Bungie tends to react poorly to this type of thing. Back in Destiny 1, some accidental Light leaked into the game via a well known Exotic Sniper, and everyone had their respective weapons of Light reset to what Bungie thought it should have been. Even people who had already infused more Light into it. I am not still bitter, I swear.

Anyway, for now, the glitch is undoubtedly impressive and depending on what kind of scale it occurs, definitely something that Bungie want to solve as quickly as possible. I really would strongly recommend against maxing out your Power this way if you are affected by the glitch, history has shown it can only end badly.