Destiny 2 datamining reveals Season 18 name, raid, activities, and more

The return of the king.


Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Season 18 officially releases on August 23, immediately following the Destiny 2 Showcase set to detail the Lightfall expansion and all the changes coming at the start of Year 6. Thanks to Twitter user @joshhunt, the datamining community has found out tons of new details about Season 18 content ahead of launch, including its name, the returning Destiny 1 raid, activity names, and more.

Season 18 will be called Season of the Plunder, and players will jump into a revised version of the King’s Fall Raid from The Taken King Destiny 1 expansion. The new activities are called Hideout and Expedition, and while the leak doesn’t have much detail on what those are, the seasonal story, “Ketchcrash,” points to Fallen-centric content, and they’re all about taking what they can, however they can. This leads many to predict that players will be sneaking into enemy territory and stealing loot and intel on whatever threat is coming.

For its part, the King’s Fall Raid is one of the most beloved experiences in Destiny franchise history, and there was much community debate about whether it or the Wrath of the Machine Raid would return during the Witch Queen expansion’s runtime. As King’s Fall deals with Oryx, Savathun’s Hive god brother, it only made sense to be the returning activity.

King’s Fall is a much more mechanically-heavy Raid than Vault of Glass, and it’s significantly longer and more complex, so Bungie has its work cut out for itself updating the activity to the Destiny 2 sandbox. It will also be interesting watching the World’s First race, as all the veterans of Destiny 1 are more than familiar with how to beat Oryx and all his minions.

While King’s Fall takes place on the Dreadnaught, a paracausal ship currently derelict in the rings of Saturn, there was no word on whether that location would make more of a return than as part of King’s Fall’s opening encounter. Season of the Haunted saw the Leviathan come back as an activity space, and players have been clamoring for the Dreadnaught to return as a patrol zone since new planets started making their way into Destiny 2. As unlikely as that might be, the Raid alone is bound to be welcomed with open arms.