Tomorrow’s “Go Fast” update for Destiny 2 aims to change the sandbox for the first time since launch

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s 1.1.4 update is finally about to be deployed tomorrow, March 27, and Bungie has released a developer commentary video speaking about some of the long-requested changes coming to the sandbox.

Bungie has named this patch the “Go Fast” update because multiple changes are aimed at speeding up the game. Sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick is front and center in the new video.

“We have heard the feedback of ‘my guns don’t feel powerful enough, I don’t feel powerful enough,’ and so we looked at everything,” Hamrick said. “We looked at the way you move, the way your Supers come back, and especially the way the weapons play.”

For the sandbox, Bungie has taken a different approach with this update. In the past, if a weapon was “too hot” or too popular because it performed too well, Bungie would nerf it. Now, instead of nerfing the best guns, Bungie has decided to bring other weapons up to their level.

The full list of changes coming to Destiny 2’s sandbox were detailed a few weeks ago by Bungie, and it’s a long one. It’s been over six months since the game was released, and this is the first sandbox update to the game, meaning it’s the first time that weapons will be tweaked.

You can read the full list of tweaks from one of Bungie’s blog posts, or wait for the full patch notes tomorrow. The 1.1.4 update will be deployed in the afternoon after multiple hours of server downtime.