Destiny 2: Forsaken cinematic shows how Cayde-6 meets his end

Destiny 2

It’s the end of an era in Destiny. Bungie has revealed an in-game cinematic from Destiny 2: Forsaken that features the demise of fan-favorite Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 today at Gamescom.

The cinematic, called “The Last Stand of the Gunslinger,” (obviously full of spoilers) contains an actual cutscene from the expansion.

The scene sees Cayde-6 outnumbered by a ton of the DLC’s new enemies, the Scorn. Cayde does his best to outlast the vicious beasts, but eventually meets his end in dramatic fashion.

Forsaken is all about hunting down those responsible for Cayde’s death, including Uldren Sov, the brother of Awoken Queen Mara Sov, both of whom were last seen in a cutscene in 2015’s The Taken King expansion.

Cayde’s death sets your Guardian off on a hunt for the Fallen Barons, each of whom have their own unique abilities and promise cool boss fights. The DLC will take players across the Reef’s Tangled Shore and the Awoken homeworld, The Dreaming City.

The scene is just a taste of the darker tone and emotion that Bungie is hoping to convey in Forsaken. If this tease is any indication, they have succeeded in that facet at the very least.