Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Gambit mode will be available to try for 24 hours

Destiny 2

Players looking to try out a new piece of Destiny 2: Forsaken before it launches are in luck. The new PvE/PvP hybrid mode Gambit will get a 24 hour free trial on Sept. 1

Starting at 12pm CT on the Saturday before Forsaken releases, all Destiny 2 players will get to play the new mode, which is great for some players who may be on the fence about the new expansion.

Gambit pits two teams of four against each other in separate areas while they fight PvE enemies. Killing enemies spawns motes, and motes can be picked up and banked to score points. Dying while holding motes will lose them for good, though.

Banking certain numbers of motes will spawn blocker enemies on the other team’s map to prevent them from banking their own motes until they are killed. When a team reaches 75 motes, a Primeval final boss will spawn, and killing it will win the round. Dying while the Primeval is alive will heal it, however.

Here’s where the PvP comes in—At certain score intervals, each team can send an invader into the other team’s area to disrupt and kill them, and even steal some motes.

Gambit is just a small part of Forsaken, which promises a new story campaign, tons of new gear to earn, a new Raid, and much more. It releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Sept. 4.