Destiny 2: Forsaken’s launch trailer shows a heart-breaking tale of loss and revenge

Destiny 2

With just one week left until the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie has released an emotional and powerful launch trailer for the large-scale expansion.

Spoilers within, but if you’re looking to fill up your overflowing hype cup just a bit more, then take a look at some of the cutscenes from the approaching expansion.

The trailer shows even more of the death of Cayde-6, but also something that we haven’t seen quite yet—The aftermath. Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala, Cayde’s fellow Vanguards and Fireteam members, are left to pick up the pieces once their friend and ally is gone.

The star of the trailer is Uldren Sov, Cayde’s murderer and brother to the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov. The twins have not been seen since the opening cutscene of Destiny 1’s The Taken King expansion.

The trailer has a much darker and sinister tone than any of Destiny 2‘s previous content, which is often lighthearted in its dialogue and delivery. It’s clear that Bungie wants you to feel the anger and sadness that comes with the death of a friend.

Speaking of dialogue—Yes, that’s the player Guardian who spoke to Zavala and Ikora. For the first time in Destiny 2, the player Guardian has a voice. Somehow, it feels much more impactful that the character has not said a word in the game up until this point.

The wait is almost over, Guardians. Today’s massive 2.0 update for Destiny 2 will be followed next week, Sept. 4, by the release of Forsaken. At that point, the hunt is on.