Destiny 2 Will Be Going Offline For 24 Hours To Prepare To Shadowkeep

Destiny 2

Strap in Destiny 2 junkies, because things are going to get rough. You need to go 24 hours without shooting a single Fallen, as Destiny 2 is going offline for maintenance on Sept. 30 to prepare for the launch of Shadowkeep.

There is no refuge in the original game either, as Destiny 1 is also be going offline. Oct. 1 marks an enormous day for Destiny titles for Guardians everywhere with a multitude of things happening.

For PC players, Destiny 2 is making the move to Steam. No more using the Blizzard app for you. Instead, you are launching the game from Valve’s industry-dominating game launcher. Destiny 2: New Light will also be launch with the game switching into a more free-to-play model. This move will probably bring a surge of new players looking to get in on the action, so be helpful to those Kingerguardians.

Shadowkeep is the next step in the Destiny 2 story. We’ll all be going to the moon to figure out what Eris Morn is talking about this time.

Looking at in context, it is easy to understand why a 24 hour maintenance period. The developers are no doubt endlessly testing everything before hitting that live button. Bungie needs to make sure everyone has the smoothest experience possible.

So, rest easy Guardians, come Oct. 1 will bring Destiny 2 back as a new experience.