Destiny 2 grandmaster nightfalls now guarantee an Adept weapon after platinum completion

Just one more run.

Image via Bungie

Ever since adept nightfall weapons were introduced within grandmaster nightfalls in Season of the Chosen, players have been less than enthused about their rewards. While grandmasters have always been a great source for farming materials such as ascendant shards and enhancement prisms, most players enter the playlist fighting for that perfect adept weapon roll.

Whether it’s a Palindrome with rangefinder, an Uzume RR4 with snapshot, or a Plug One.1 with cornered, these changes should make it much easier to get what you want. While you still may have to farm for the ideal, you will be guaranteed to get an adept weapon after every platinum grandmaster completion come Festival of the Lost.

This should help the grandmaster nightfall playlist retain its players deep into the week, as usually players get burnt out after a couple of runs with no adept weapon drop. Additionally, this will entice players to actually kill all of the champions instead of just speeding through the nightfall as fast as possible due to platinum completion status being a weapon drop requirement. Overall, the changes coming with the Festival of the Lost seem to be good ones, aimed at keeping players in activities farming instead of the “one and done” mentality that sometimes happens with harder content within the game.