Destiny 2 is offline for emergency maintenance as Bungie try to find your Glimmer

Our theory is that The Spider stole it all.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Bungie has been forced to take Destiny 2 offline for emergency maintenance. Update 2.7.1 was designed to fix bugs with Exotics like the Wormgod’s Caress and Synthoceps, but instead, it introduced a new, much more critical bug.  

When players logged on after downloading the patch, they began to notice that their Glimmer and Infusion materials had disappeared. It quickly became apparent that a massive proportion of the player base had been affected by the bug, so Bungie took the servers down for maintenance shortly after they came back up from deploying the update. 

Destiny 2 players, normally tetchy after the forced break of the weekly maintenance was quick to respond, and they are not happy. Players have been reporting that everything from Glimmer to Legendary Shards has been disappearing.

Bungie has advised that they are working to solve the problem as quickly as possible, and will issue updates via the Bungie Help Twitter account. To stay up to date on how the issue is playing out, we would advise you to keep an eye there.

Without knowing what the issue is, it is hard to know how long it might take to fix. It is important to note that large live service games like Destiny 2 keep all player information safely stored on servers. As such, the values for your materials have not been lost, the game is just not reading them correctly, or is not able to access the information for some reason.

We will keep you updated as Bungie release more information.