Destiny 2: Why Is the Forsaken Content Missing After the Move To Steam?

Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2

Tomorrow, Destiny 2 begins its next evolution under Bungie’s care, with the new Shadowkeep expansion set to arrive. With that, PC owners will experience a change. The developers are hard at work, moving the game over from to Steam. But there’s a small problem – a few players seem to be missing their content from the previously released Forsaken chapter.

A few users were rather upset when they found this content missing from their game after they linked their Steam account to the game. One even reached out on the Bungie forum, with the following complaint:

“The title says it all. I linked my steam account, confirmed that everything was ok, moved my game from bnet to steam… and it doesn’t show on my library in steam.”

However, it appears that the reason for the content missing from some folks’ accounts is because it hasn’t fully completed the transition to Steam just yet. A veteran user by the name of NinjaKitteh noted, “Destiny 2 is not yet active on Steam. It will not be available on Steam until Oct 1st, and your data has not yet been moved to Steam. The PC Move info is to prepare for when Bungie creates the massive data files that will be sent to Steam.”

So hopefully, within just a few hours, the problem will be resolved, and players will be able to enjoy their complete experience. If anything changes, however, we’ll see what Bungie has to say on the matter. But more than likely, they won’t leave players hanging.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.