A Strange Placeholder Image in Destiny 2 Hints at the Return of Trials of Osiris

Destiny 2

A strange placeholder image has appeared for a player in Destiny 2, hinting at the potential return of Trials of Osiris. Twitch streamer Grym_Games had just finished a match in the Crucible and had loaded back into orbit when the image appeared on his screen.

The top line says “Placeholder Type,” and below that is just the Destiny symbol, and the single word “Beta.” The most significant part of the image is the presence of a Game History section at the bottom, with two rows of boxes. The top row is seven boxes long, and the bottom row consists of three. Destiny veterans will be well aware that this is similar to the old Trials of Osiris cards that would track your matches. You needed to get seven victories in a row to earn a trip to the Lighthouse, while three losses would end your run in its tracks.

Watch TRIALS PLACEHOLDER CARD IN MY GAME AT 46:00 from Grym_Games on www.twitch.tv

The brief glimpse of the image is hardly enough to feel confident, but it should at least give players a little bit of hope that some work is being done on Trials of Osiris, somewhere in the Bungie offices. If Trials were to return, then this really would be the season to do it. With the Season of Dawn focusing on Mercury, and Osiris and his Sundial, the once lost and mythic figure could potentially reward hard-working Guardians with a way to get back to the Lighthouse. Just as soon as we put a stop to the Cabal’s efforts to interfere with the timeline, of course.

I’ve had a careful look at the video, and it appears to be legit, but it is impossible to say why this apparent glitch happened. We have already seen a reminder today that games contain assets that might never make it into the final product. As we said, it is not much to go on, but it is something. And what is better to keep the Light alive than a little bit of hope?