Destiny 2 Reveals Last Stand of the Gunslinger Trailer

Destiny 2

The time until Destiny 2: Forsaken releases shrinks with every minute, and Bungie has reminded us of that once again in a brand new trailer featuring Cayde-6 called Last Stand of the Gunslinger.

Last Stand of the Gunslinger

Cayde-6 has seen better days in his time when the Last Stand of the Gunslinger plays out. In the first few seconds of the trailer, I already have questions that need answering. Cayde-6 is clearly shown being resurrected by his ghost and then tries to contact Petra Venj. Where has Petra been all this time? Is Cayde-6 in the Prison of Elders?

The trailer goes on to show that Cayde-6 is surrounded by Fallen who have possibly been locked up in the Prison of Elders. You had one job Variks. Cayde-6 demanding they go back into their cages confirms that suspicion. A fight ensues showing that Cayde-6 is someone who knows how to take care of himself. Things get a little hairy until all of sudden he pops his Golden Gun. This effort is thwarted when he gets tackled right after summoning his super. We’ve all been there.

Things take a turn for the worse when Cayde-6 is quickly surrounded and pummelled until he activates another super. The spinning knife throw is pretty cool. It appears that he is going to make a valiant comeback and become victorious, but he gets tackled again, slammed against a wall and wait for iiiit…. Head-butts a Fallen piercing him with his beautiful, beautiful horn.

Cayde-6 gathers himself and summons his ghost to get some help, but doing so leaves him vulnerable as a sniper has been keeping a close eye on him this entire time. With one bullet his ghost is destroyed, exploding in a fantastic flash of light. With Fallen Elders closing in, Cayde-6 looks at his trusty weapon the Ace of Spades and says, “I’m coming home, Ace.” He flips his hood back on, stares the Fallen in the face and SMACK! gets put through a wall by a flaming mace.

The trailer pans to the ground showing the Ace of Spades fall and slowly fades to black.

Now that we’ve gotten through that whole ordeal, I’m really excited to see how this story plays out. While Cayde-6 isn’t my favorite character – Failsafe kind of takes the cake – it will be sad to see him leave. It’s also sad that we didn’t get the voice acting skill of Nathan Fillion one last time as the iconic character, but Nolan North sure does a heck of a job filling in. It’s a big horn to fit in to.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Make sure you stay tuned to TL;DR games and check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub.