Destiny 2 Season 17 allowing for airborne effectiveness, anti-flinch builds

Those are two of the team’s main design pillars.

Image via Bungie

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Destiny 2’s 17th season is about a month away, and Bungie is looking to make some big changes. New builds and Glaive upgrades are all part of the plan.

The latest This Week At Bungie post is a big one, but fortunately it’s broken up into smaller segments. Let’s start with airborne gameplay, which is being enhanced with a new stat. Airborne Effectiveness will be applied to all weapons when relevant (it makes no difference for Swords, for example), though it will be unseen for now. You’ll be able to see the stat when Season 18 arrives later this year, but Bungie breaks it down in a helpful way in the post. The higher your collective Airborne Effectiveness, the more accurate you’ll be in the air. Full investment means “no airborne accuracy penalty and the same aim assist” for your Guardian.

As for flinching, Bungie recognizes the problem. The Stability weapon stat and Resilience character stat now includes flinch resistance. Minimum resistance for weapons is between 10% and 25%, so you can stack that with better gear to shrug off more potential flinches.

Then there are Glaives, which Bungie says “don’t match player expectations” right now. Weapon buffs for Glaives would be too much according to the developer, so it’s increasing direct Glaive melee damage instead. Projectile speed has been increased, while energy drain speed has been decreased.

Glaives are just one weapon type getting tweaked for Season 17. We have a list of all Special Weapon and Exotic balance changes for you to cross-check with your own loadout. Season 17 begins on Tuesday, May 24.