Destiny 2 Is Not In Good Place Says Analyst

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 was released last year in the month of September 2017. The game was out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game was able to make its position in the 10 best selling list of 2017 for all platforms, still, it looks gamers are slowly losing their interest. According to the analyst, the game is struggling as gamers were not happy with the micro-transactions implementation the game. The pay-to-win model has affected major titles last year among which Battlefront 2 was also affected by massive criticism.

Destiny 2

According to the news recently published by CNBC, Destiny 2 is struggling as it is user base is dropping. The game is facing problem towards player engagement. This is going to affect the live service revenue of the game. This has also lead to falling on the downside of Activision Blizzard Shares.

Less engaging decision decisions and less distinctive game compared to Destiny 1 are one among the major causes of Destiny 2 falling status. Micro-transactions had already affected the game reputation, but Bungie’s poor job to handle communication is also counted one of the major things that have lead to a poor response to the game.

After falling into the controversy it was already cleared last year that Destiny 2 is going to gather poor response from the gamers on different grounds. It was widely discussed on the official failure that the game is a huge failure.

Source: CNBC