Destiny 2’s New Limited-Time Event Is Called The Revelry, And It Starts Next Week

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 developers Bungie have announced a new limited-time event that is coming to the game next week. The Revelry will grant players access to the Verdant Forest. It seems it will work similarly to the Haunted Forest from the Festival of The Lost but will have a different; more spring themed aesthetic. The Tower will also get a bit of a face-lift during the event, as everyone’s favorite in-game granny Eva Levante spruces the place up a bit.

The goal of the Verdant Forest is to clear as many rooms as possible to buy as much time as you can to “defeat the onslaught of five different bosses and claim your reward,” according to a recent blog post by Bungie. Just like The Haunted Forest, there will also be matchmaking, so you don’t have to go alone.

The event will have an interesting mechanic around Guardian powers and abilities. Players will be able to get a Reveler’s Tonic from Eva Levante and can fill it up by killing bosses in the Verdant Forest or completing other activities. These tonics will reduce the cooldown of your grenades, melee, or class abilities.

Rewards for the event will include new armor in the form of the Inaugural Revelry armor set. You can earn pieces of this set by defeating bosses in the Verdant Forest. The more bosses you defeat, the greater your chances to receive a drop. You will also be able to finish five weekly bounties for Eva that will drop powerful armor drops.


The event will also introduce the Arbalest Exotic Fusion Rifle. We will be able to complete Triumphs and turn in Reveler’s Essence to Eva to earn a new Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle, Arbalest. I know people have been waiting for this to show up in the game, so this should prove a highpoint of the event for many players out there.

The Revelry will begin on Tuesday, April 16 and will run until Tuesday, May 7. That should give us all plenty of time to get full armor sets, the new Exotic, and any other reward you could hope to find during the event.