Destiny 2: The Witch Queen pre-download delayed until launch, but only for PlayStation 4

An “unforeseen issue” is at fault.

Image via Bungie

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Delays can be frustrating, of course, but they are also part of the gaming world. With so many factors at play and different platforms to consider, small delays are almost par for the course. However, it looks like PlayStation 4 fans of Destiny 2 are going to be stinging a little bit more than most at this most recent delay.

Bungie announced via Twitter that the pre-download files for the latest Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, will be delayed due to an “unforeseen issue” that only looks to be affecting the PS4 version of the game. Not only will the files not begin downloading until the full game launches at 9 AM PT, but this means that players on other platforms such as Xbox or PC will be able to play the game while PS4 players are stuck downloading the approximately 72 GB update.

The most frustrating part of this for fans is that the PlayStation 5 version of The Witch Queen doesn’t appear to be impacted by this issue, so it is just PS4 players who are left behind. With such a sizable download, it might take some time before players can play the new content. Of course, even those with the pre-download completed will probably have to deal with server issues and queues to join the game, so it might just level the playing field a little bit.