Destiny 2 Trailer Showcases Forsaken’s Dreaming City

Destiny 2

Bungie is getting set to release Destiny 2‘s next DLC, Forsaken, in September and the hype machine is in full swing. The latest trailer to be released provides us with our first glimpse at the Dreaming City, dubbed as Destiny‘s largest endgame experience ever.

This mysterious endgame location is said to be filled with puzzles, secrets, and tons of lore and loot for those brave and skilled enough to survive it. Veterans of the Destiny universe will immediately recognize several characters and influences from the Reef. An area called the Blind Well is shown, which appears to be an arena of some sort. PvE fans will be delighted to see that a “massive raid” is located at the center of the Dreaming City.

The Destiny subreddit is teeming with little bits of information that was gleaned from the trailer so far, and theories include everything from the Ahamkara making an appearance, to Destiny 1 armor and Savathun herself appearing in the Forsaken DLC.

The Dreaming City trailer mentions "an immense creature at the heart of this place [raid area]" could it be an Ahamkara? from DestinyTheGame

SAVATHUN Possibly Revealed In New Forsaken Trailer from DestinyTheGame

We’ll find out for sure when Destiny 2: Forsaken is released on September 4th. In the meantime, if you’re hard at work completing your Moments of Triumphs and Solstice of Heroes Armor, be sure to stop by our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for some helpful advice.