Destiny 2 will integrate intergenerational cross-play for next-gen consoles

No-one gets left behind.

Destiny 2

Screengrab via Bungie

Along with the introduction to Destiny 2’s latest expansion Beyond Light, Bungie confirmed that not only will the game be coming to the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but players will be able to cross-play between generations of consoles.

During the reveal, the game director Luke Smith and General Manager Mark Noseworthy said that the plans for the game heading into the next generation are to allow for generations of the same platform to be able to crossplay with each other. This means that if you have purchased a PS5 and want to play Destiny 2, you can still join friends to play the game even if they are on PS4. This would be the same for players on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Additionally, upgrades for owners of the game on both PS4 and Xbox One to the new versions on PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively will be free.

They also confirmed that they would also like to integrate full intergenerational crossplay, meaning that Xbox and Playstation players would be able to play together, regardless of which generation they are playing on. While Sony has relaxed its stance on crossplay as the current console generation has progressed, it’s unclear if the commitment will still be in place for the next generation.

The game has consistently seen expansions added since the release of the game in 2017. The latest was 2019’s Shadowkeep, which added a full campaign, as well as new PvE and PvP content to the game. There is currently no confirmed release date for the release of the game on next-gen consoles, though it’s likely that it will be ready for the launches of both consoles.