Destiny 2 Will No Longer Have Exclusive Content for PS4

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is making huge strides to bring down the walls between different platforms, and that includes ending PS4 exclusives. During the livestream today, Bungie announced that they’d be ending the long-running program of bringing exclusive content to the PS4 version of the game.

Early leaks revealed that Destiny 2 would be getting cross-saves across all platforms except PS4. It turns out that PS4 will be getting cross-saves as well, but there was a good reason to believe that the platform wouldn’t support it since Sony always seems to be the hold-out with these types of initiatives. That makes it all the more surprising that PS4 will be losing exclusive content going forward.

Traditionally, PS4 players have had access to some major content that other players have been left out of. The base game and its expansions have had ships, armor, weapons, and even strikes available for PS4 players that others simply don’t have access to.

Destiny 2 spaceship

While the PS4-exclusive gear was never top-of-the-line, it still stung players on other platforms not to have access to everything in the game. Exclusive strikes were a bigger deal, as they essentially meant that you could only play everything that Destiny 2 had to offer on one platform.

PS4 exclusives will officially end with the release of the Shadowkeep expansion on September 17.