Destiny 2’s Fall DLC leak seems way too good to be true

Probably a pipe dream.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

While the Destiny community is currently struggling to find a lot of joy in the game, a silver lining may have appeared. A reported leak about Destiny 2’s fall DLC has appeared online, but most of it seems way too good to be true.

Appearing on 4Chan, which instantly throws the integrity of any details it contains into question; the leak promises a Forsaken style expansion will be added to the game later this year.

Sweat on Twitter

Take it for what you will, but someone sent me a “leak” from a 4Chan post about upcoming fall content Seems plausable, if true, sounds pretty dope

The reason why the leak seems a little too convenient is that it happily explains away some of the biggest issues the community has with the game right now, while also ignoring other well-known facts about Bungie at the moment. The leak claims that the reason so few developers are working on Destiny 2 right now, and the reason that the current content in the game feels shallow and recycled, is that the team is working on a huge DLC called Collapse.

The new content will focus on the arrival of the Darkness, the mysterious Triangle spaceships that have been a constant presence in the game, and will introduce a new enemy type called The Veil. There will be a new subclass with Darkness abilities, and Calus, Mara Sov, and Eris Morn will all play a large part in the narrative.

As a Destiny fan, it sounds like a dream come true, but it also sounds like complete fiction. It also ignores a significant development for Bungie, which is a $100 million investment from NetEase, and a trademark for something called “Matter.”

While it certainly is an attractive idea, that Bungie is only distracted from Destiny 2 because they are going to give us a full game’s worth of content in an upcoming expansion. It is more likely that Bungie is still trying to figure out exactly how many developers it needs on Destiny 2 while filling in newer obligations that have arrived since parting ways with Activision. 

The entire setup also sounds a lot more like a potential Destiny 3 than an expansion for a free-to-play game that has slipped into a seasonal cycle that is both shallow and unengaging for players.

This whole thing feels less like a leak and more like someone tapping into the frustrations of a community and doing what the internet does, which is make up a seemingly believable story and then letting it roll downhill to see what happens.