Destiny 2’s new season delayed due to emergency maintenance

Perpetual darkness, indeed.

Image via Bungie

Things are not going well at Bungie as the developers roll out their new Destiny 2 season today. Season of the Splicer is off to a very rough start as players were hit by endless disconnections, error messages, and other issues. Things have gotten so bad that Bungie has resorted to pulling the entire game offline while they try and get to the bottom of things.

While it’s fair to say that Bungie can often run into issues like this on launch day, and server instability as part of new content has become quite the meme over the years, pulling the servers down like this is a huge step. Worse, it is a sign that something is badly wrong with the game right now.

A tweet from the official Bungie Help Twitter account announced the move, but there were no details provided on when the servers might come back online. Players who are interested in staying up to date on the issue should follow the Bungie Help Twitter account for updates.

Today was supposed to be the glorious start of the Season of the Splicer, as the Vex plunged the Last City into never-ending darkness, and players needed to forge a new alliance with the Fallen Mithrax to solve the problem. Instead, the game servers have gone dark Guardian wait to see when they will be able to jump into the new content.

We will this article updated with further announcements as Bungie make more information available.