Digimon Survive has been delayed again, now aiming to release in 2022

At this point will the game ever see the light of day?

via Bandai Namco

Digimon Survive is an upcoming survival-strategy, RPG spin-off game for the popular Digimon media franchise that was first announced way back in July 2018. The game has an anime-inspired visual aesthetic that makes it look like the anime from which the franchise originated. The narrative will focus on choices that give players agency in the game and influence what kind of Digimon they can get.

The premise and graphics made Survive highly anticipated among fans of the franchise. Digimon Survive was originally expected to release in Japan sometime in 2019, but unfortunately, it was soon delayed to sometime in 2020.

From there news on the game would be sparse, with many fans believing the game has been forgotten. Survive was one of the many games whose development was hurt due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 producer Habu Kazumasa shared a message on Twitter explaining that the game has been delayed for 2021.

Again, no major news on Survive has been revealed since that message from Kazumasa. Today Habu Kazumasa shared another message saying that the game has been delayed once more for 2022. According to Kazumasa, the reason for the delay was to allocate more time for development but promises that the team is working hard on making the game.