All Falcomon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

Falcomon is one of the best Digimon to have in the game and his evolutions are some of the most useful.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Falcomon is Minoru’s partner in Digimon Survive. Falcomon’s responsible personality perfectly contrasts with Minoru’s immature impulses. Falcomon is a reliable Digimon to have on your team, having one of the best mobilities in the game. He has multiple Digivolutions, with a few branching out.

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Falcomon’s Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

Screenshot via Gamepur

Most Digimon start as the base Rookies and have the potential to Digivolve three times. Each proceeded form is labeled Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. Falcomon does not have as many Digivolutions as Agumon, who has three different branching Digivolutions. All of Falcomon Digivolutions are giant bird monsters, which makes sense since Falcomon is a bird. Falcomon and his evolutions have great speed and can cover large areas of the map in fights.

Falcomon’s Champion form is Diatrymon. Minoru’s Falcomon can first Digivolve into Diatrymon in the middle of Part 2 after reuniting with the Professor at the shrine. Falcomon gains his Ultimate form around Part 7 and only if your affinity with Minoru is around level 30. Falcomon’s Ultimate form is Crowmon. From there, Falcomon has two potential Mega Digivolutions, and the evolution he gains depends on the decisions you make and what kind of karma you have. Falcomon either Mega Digivolves into Varodurumon or Zhuqiaomon.

Below is a simple diagram of Minoru’s Falcomon’s Digivolutions:

  • Diatrymon —> Crowmon —> Varodurumon/Zhuqiaomon

Exclusive Falcomon Digivolutions

Minoru’s Falcomon isn’t the only Falcomon that exist, and other Falcomon have exclusive Digivolutions. You can come across enemy Falcomon in Free Battles and Shadow Battles. When faced against another Falcomon in battle, you can recruit them with the Talk option.

All Falcomons can Digivolve into Diatrymon, Crowmon, and Varodurumon, but Zhuqiaomon is an exclusive Digivolution for Minoru’s Falcomon. Likewise, other Falcomon can Digivolve into Garudamon and Phoenixmon. If those Digimon sound familiar, that is because those are the Ultimate and Mega Digivolutions of Biyomon.

Below is another simple diagram showing off the exclusive Digivolution line for other Falcomons:

  • Diatrymon —> Garudamon —> Phoenixmon/Varodurumon

Minoru’s Falcomon always transforms back into its Rookie form after every Digivolution. Other Falcomon do not revert back and remain evolved. To evolve non-partnered Digimon, you will need Slabs.