Diligent World of Warcraft player reaches max level without ever leaving the Exile’s Reach starting ship

No combat, grouping, or gathering required.

Image via Blizzard

The foundation of World of Warcraft leveling is to venture out and complete quests through combat and other activities. Azeroth, and the world beyond, has become a huge place to adventure over the years, with many different locations to pick for leveling fun. One diligent player, however, chose to forsake all of these options in favor of passively sitting at the initial spawn point for new characters on the Exile’s Reach starting area boat. Here they did absolutely nothing but stand still while utilizing clever tactics and patience to reach max level.

To be fair, it does require a little bit of work by the player, but not by the character that is being leveled. The player in question took to Reddit to explain the process it takes to reach max level without leaving the Exile’s Reach starting ship or interacting with anything outside of the quest menu.

The Pet Battle system in World of Warcraft features five daily quests to defeat specific Pet Battlers across Azeroth. These quests provide decent experience and are account-wide, meaning they can be done on any character on the account, and completed through the quest log on another. The method here just involves making sure that these quests are turned in everyday on the character still on the starting ship.

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This is the ultimate way to basically passively level a character as they never have to participate in combat, grouping, or anything really other than clicking through the quest menu. This process takes as little as five minutes a day, with going from level 60 to 70 taking about 60 real days to finish.

Patience is key here, but it is fun to know that a pacifist run of World of Warcraft is possible without ever even playing the game, provided there is a character capable of feeding the completed quests to the leveling toon. Now that the secret is out, it will be interesting to see if Blizzard lets it continue.