How to transfer Primal Chaos to alts in World of Warcraft

If you don’t mind losing some Primal Chaos in the process.

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World of Warcraft has undergone a major rehaul of the crafting system in Dragonflight, and players who love to sit for hours and tinker know just how vital the Primal Chaos crafting reagent is to their creations. While Primal Chaos are a bind-on-pickup rare item, there is a way to send them to your alts if you don’t mind losing a few of them in the process. Here is how to transfer Primal Chaos to your alts in World of Warcraft.

How to send Primal Chaos between characters in World of Warcraft

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Sending Primal Chaos between characters on your account is relatively simple but not very practical if you still need many of them on your main character. You are looking for a vendor named Rabul in Valdrakken, found at the coordinates 35.6, 58.8. Rabul is a male Vulpera and is the quartermaster for the Artisan’s Consortium reputation faction.

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Rabul sells an item called Satchel of Coalescing Chaos for 80 Primal Chaos. This is an account-bound item that will grant the character that uses it 60 Primal Chaos. You can purchase as many of these as you like to mail between characters, but know that there is a penalty of 20 Primal Chaos when using it because it costs 20 more Primal Chaos to purchase than the item provides to the alt. This item has no reputation requirement either, so your character does not have to make progress with the Artisan’s Consortium in order to purchase it.

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Developer Blizzard has been making strides in Dragonflight to ease the burden of maintaining multiple characters. It is one of the most alt-friendly expansions to date, and being able to transfer Primal Chaos between your characters helps immensely when trying to utilize all their crafting professions to make gold and valuable rewards for yourself.