Disney Speedstorm dev diary details visual upgrades to the game as fanbase gets restless over release

The patience is running thin.

Image via Gameloft

Disney Speedstorm has put out a new dev diary going over some of the visual enhancements the team is working on for the game. While everyone appreciates a developer being communicative with their fans, people are definitely starting to get restless with no news on a release date or playable beta.

Starting with the dev diary, the first visual upgrade to the game was shown with AI racers. In the closed beta, these computers would always be sporting the basic looks of their cars. Going forward, they will have custom liveries, even if you have not unlocked them for yourself. At the end of a race, the top three finishers will celebrate on screen at once, and players can activate emotes at this time to rub it in the faces of their competitors.

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During races, you will also be able to get information about the people you are racing against. A billboard that hasn’t been shown yet was talked about a bit, which will tell you the racer’s gamertag, platform, and position in the race going forward. When using an ability to turn invisible, this will not be shown. Additionally, drift boost and item boxes have been updated.

On the community side, the reception to the latest dev diary seems to have largely been met with a bit of building frustration. While people are definitely excited to race as their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, they are also tired of not being able to play the game. The last playable public demo was available last summer. Since then, the game went very quiet at the end of last year before being officially delayed. Now, Gameloft is being more outright, but they are not giving the information to build excitement.

Everyone agrees that they want Disney Speedstorm to release in the best state possible, so the last thing we want is to see the game rushed into an unfinished state. That being said, more substantial progress than was shown here, or at least a release window or new beta announcement, would be nice.