Doom Eternal Powers to Release on November 22 | E3 2019


The latest in id Software’s legendary alien shooter series, Doom Eternal is blasting its way back onto your screen on November 22, as revealed at Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference.

During a fresh gameplay showcase that presented us with more lightning fast, furious action, Bethesda confirmed the November 22 release date.

The series, launched in 1993, has been famed over the years for popularising the first-person shooter genre, taking Wolfenstein 3D’s lead and delivering a brutal, bloody experience that 90’s PC gamers simply couldn’t get enough of. It was later ported to almost every platform of the era and was an enormous success. Doom II soon followed to equal fanfare despite being more of the same. Doom 3 wouldn’t come for another 10 years, and followed a more horror-themed story. Reception was slightly more mixed but generally still acclaimed on the whole.

Another 12 years later saw 2016’s reboot of the franchise, going back to its roots of fast-paced, gory action where the only objective was killing everything in sight. While the multiplayer (handled initially by studio Certain Affinity) started slowly and improved over time, the campaign was a fantastic showcase of why Doom was so universally loved by shooter fans in the game’s early days.

So far, Doom Eternal looks more like Doom II than Doom 3, creating more of the same gut-busting action that was so well received in the reboot. A noticeable upgrade to graphics can be seen, too, with the updated id Tech 7 engine.

Doom Eternal will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.